Thank goodness for Pilates!

Every day we’re challenged to do something with our bodies that is more than just sitting in a chair. Actually, even sitting in a chair can be a challenge if you must sit for a long time or the chair is not quite right for you.

But… back to challenges. We’re setting up posts from our colleagues and clients (and you, if you have a great story) to allow for stories about the times that any of us would be “toast” if not for our Pilates training. So if you have a story, send us a photo of your challenge and a note as to what you did that perhaps you could not have done before Pilates training. If you approve, we’ll include your name on the post as well. Send your message to us at

Here is an example of one of our first posts for Thank Goodness for Pilates!…

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 6.08.08 PM.png

The Chicago ‘EL’ makes Chicago a really easy town for public transportation. But that elevated train line that runs the Chicago Loop is comprised of a LOT of stairs. Metal stairs, flights and flights of them. No elevator that I could find… so it means going up and down those stairs many times a day.

There was a time when my asthma and bad back would have prompted me to give up and take a taxi, but for a pittence of cost, the EL is really the affordable way to go. So last weekend i kept saying to my traveling companion, “Thank goodness for Pilates!” during our long weekend in Chicago.  Yeah now Chicago is MY kind of town!

— Carol W, San Jose CA