Our Staff members at Pilates Athletic Center are selected after thoughtful interviews based on certification, advanced training, history of professional service, personal health awareness and friendly disposition. All of the staff are fully insured.

We’re also always on the lookout for top-flight instructors who are interested in helping our clients to achieve their fitness goals. If you have a background in these areas, and in particular, in Pilates, and would like to become a member of the Pilates Athletic Center team, call us to set up an interview: (650) 949-3031

To learn more about each of our founders and instructors, see the posts at this site, under “Staff”.

One response to “Staff

  1. Can’t believe how Pilates has changed my life.
    My 37 year old body feels and looks like my 27 year old body-almost ; )
    Thanks to my 2 Josephs…Joseph Pilates for creating such a miraculous & fun workout and Joseph Camp my ever so patient trainer, whose enthusiasm for pilates is contagious!

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