Finding life’s balance… with Pilates

I saw a video clip today of a guy who had his dog in a shopping mall. The dog looks to be about a 70 lb or more golden retriever. awww. Anyway, he heads for the escalator, and the dog stands back, confused by those stairs that are moving. Probably the dog has never encountered an escalator before.

So the guy reaches down, picks the dog up in his arms and carries the dog as he ascends to the next floor. The dog calmly looks around while they move up to the next floor. It’s pretty obvious that this guy has picked his dog up before, probably many times. Maybe he just never stopped picking it up from puppyhood on.

But while it was very cute the first thing i thought was,  “Hey, this guy has pretty great balance! I wonder if he does Pilates?” You don’t see him struggling to retain balance on a moving stairway with an 80 lb pooch in his arms. Pretty impressive.

Now, in truth i have no idea of whether this fellow does Pilates or not. But sure as i’m sitting here, he has pretty darned good core strength. And core strength is one of the most essential ways we can keep balanced, or even sometimes catch ourselves from falling if we trip on something. It also enables you to control a fall, if you take one.  This core is the series of abdominal muscles up and down your front. When you see some guy on a muscle magazine and you see those lumps, which are nicknamed ‘a six-pack’ is what he’d displaying.

Wow. Well, do we have t0 work out like a bodybuilder to get to the point we have a six-pack in order to gain core strength? No indeed. Most people who do Pilates are men and women with whom you work every day. Their strength comes from the lengthening and strengthening of their muscles, rather than letting them get lumpy and compact.

So don’t expect your Pilates instructor or your buddy who is doing Pilates to take off his shirt and look like Tom Cruz. Because the object isn’t to show off — it’s to live a better, healthier and less accident-prone life with less pain and more energy.

If you haven’t tried Pilates and want to know more, ask around among your FB friends if anyone you know is doing it, and hear what they have to say. Or better yet call our studio and you won’t get a hard-sell. You’ll get information that will doubtless inspire you to consider it as a way to live a better quality of life.


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