Pilates and slapstick comedy

Anyone who has enjoyed old silent movies by comedy greats like Charlie Chaplain is surprised and even amazed by the hilarious pratfalls that ensue. But if you watch the films as someone who has some knowledge of Pilates, you can see how these comedians could never have done many of these tricks without incredible core strength.

I recently watched one by the genius Chaplain in conflict with a pulldown bed – it’s oft called a Murphy Bed. When he rolled around and struggled with the bed I noticed he was rolling backwards, doing short-spine variations one after the other. This looked as if by happenstance because of the quirky bed, but in fact the comedian is working hard to make it look effortless. You start to understand how flexible and strong Chaplain must have been to perform such stunts!

Pilates has long been a staple of exercise for ballet and modern dancers. But this certainly shows the theory and execution of Pilates across all entertainment styles! Can you imagine how helpful Pilates can be in every day unforseen events such as keeping yourself upright when tripping on a crack in the sidewalk, or having the strength and flexibility to pick up something from the floor while in an airplane seat? It’s all easier with Pilates.

Entered by Carol Worthington-Levy, Pilates Student

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